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Solar panels
Kevin Igli - Sep 25, 2018

Our Commitment to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Earlier this year, we committed to the bold goal of decreasing greenhouse gas emissions 30 percent by 2030.

I'm excited to announce that our target has been accepted by the Science Based Targets initiative, making us the first U.S. protein company in the food and beverage sector to receive such an approval.


Meals that Matter - Florence
Derek Burleson - Sep 24, 2018

'Meals that Matter' Rolls Out After Hurricane Florence

Last week, Tyson Foods Team members from Arkansas, Ohio, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Tennessee and Virginia began arriving in Fayetteville, NC to set up our Meals that Matter disaster relief cook site to aid people in the region affected by Hurricane Florence.


pepperoni pizza
Jess Hines - Sep 20, 2018

It's National Pepperoni Pizza Day!

No matter how you’re celebrating #NationalPepperoniPizzaDay, chances are, your slice of pie had some help from the top pepperoni supplier in the U.S.—Tyson Foods.



Grocery shopping
Monica Stewart - Sep 19, 2018

Chicken Facts: A Quick Reference to the Packaging Puzzle

Organic? No antibiotics? All natural? What does it all mean?

One of our registered dietitians helps crack the code to some of the most-asked labeling questions when it comes to meat shopping in the supermarket.


Tom Mastrobuoni at GFC
Tom Mastrobuoni - Sep 18, 2018

Accelerating the Growth of Making Meat Without Animals

Recently, I had the opportunity to participate in the inaugural Good Food Conference.

Entrepreneurs, scientists, venture capitalists, technologists, engineers and foodies alike gathered for two days to talk about the future of alternative proteins and how to make them better, safer, faster, more affordable and more sustainably through emerging technologies.


Lunch tray
Chef Alexa McKay - Sep 11, 2018

Welcome to the Newest Five Star Restaurant: K-12 Food Hall

Meet the newest generation of foodies: kids.

Move aside, turkey and cheese sandwiches – Spicy Korean BBQ, Tangy Thai Lemongrass Chicken, and Garlicky Buffalo Chicken drumsticks are some of the latest "hot recipes" making kids' taste buds buzz. One of our culinary experts dives into the changing pint-sized palates in the lunch room.


football field
Amber Crain - Sep 6, 2018

A Touchdown For Team Growth

With football season kicking off, our Talent & Culture Team decided to document the Tyson Foods “secret” to effective teams and create our very own team playbook.

Our "plays" are simple in concept, but powerhouses in execution. And we use these strategies just like your favorite football team: via daily practice.


Incubation center chicks
Shelby Watkins - Sep 4, 2018

Chicken Facts: An Egg's Journey Through a Hatchery

The road to a healthy chicken starts with a healthy egg.

Take a look at the journey through a hatchery, and see how our hatcheries are helping us raise the healthiest chicks possible.


The Dish
Jess Hines - Aug 31, 2018

The Dish: Serving Up Cool Things in Food This Month

Cows gaining their sea legs and insects that are good for your intestines? For cool things happening in the food space, August did not leave us disappointed. Here are some of the highlights.


Moushumi - One Egg
Ian Whitlow - Aug 29, 2018

Gaining Perspective in Nepal

Along with several other members on the Tyson Foods Corporate Communications team, I traveled to Nepal to meet Moushumi Shrestha – agricultural entrepreneur and, together with Tyson Foods, co-sponsor of a brand new OneEgg project in Nepal.


Tyson Foods Animal Well-Being Panel
Karen Christensen - Aug 23, 2018

Staying at the Forefront of Animal Well-Being

This week, 15 experts in animal well-being and welfare from all over the world met to help guide the next chapter of Tyson Foods’ animal well-being journey. These esteemed veterinarians, scientists, culinary experts, and more contribute to a new roster and revitalized agenda for the Tyson Foods Animal Well-Being Advisory Panel.


Karen Christensen - Aug 22, 2018

Chicken Facts: The Truth About “Fast-Growing” Chickens

People often ask me about the difference between “fast-growing” and “slow-growing” chickens. There are good resources that address the topic, and I take a look at several in this blog.


No Antibiotics Ever
Bill Hewat - Aug 17, 2018

Chicken Facts: Why We Eliminated Antibiotics From Tyson™ Chicken

When I talk with people about how we raise chickens, questions usually come up about antibiotics. And the false belief that we constantly put them in feed and water.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Last year Tyson Foods announced all Tyson branded chicken products would be raised with No Antibiotics Ever (NAE) – making us the world’s leading producer of NAE chicken. This means these chickens are never given antibiotics in any phase of their lives – from egg to market age.


Progressive beef cow
Chad Martin - Aug 15, 2018

Setting a New Standard in Beef Production

As the largest U.S. food company, we have the responsibility and opportunity to be as transparent as we can about the products we produce. Today we’re setting a new standard that we believe will raise expectations across the beef industry around what it means to raise cattle sustainably. We have become the first food company to license Progressive Beef™, the largest-ever cattle sustainability program verified through USDA approved auditors. 


The Gen Z Frenzy
Jess Hines - Aug 9, 2018

The Gen Z Frenzy

Gen Z is the hot new demographic everybody is talking about. Like generations before them, Gen Zers have their own unique “profile,” including a new set of needs and expectations that shape how companies like ours develop new products and market to them. And with Gen Z spending power estimated at up to $143 billion, you can bet they’ve got our attention.

I recently sat down with a few of the 8,147 Gen Zers who work at Tyson Foods to understand their unique perspectives, not only as consumers, but as valuable team members who can help crack the code to this new generation.

The Trouble With Tariffs
Steve Stouffer - Aug 3, 2018

The Trouble with Tariffs

When we say Tyson Foods helps feed the world, we’re not kidding. We ship our products to 115 countries. Last year alone, exports generated about 19 percent of our pork sales and 15 percent of our beef sales. 
But, now – because of the ongoing trade war and the tariffs its produced – we’re getting less for our products in some key markets.


Garrett Dolan - Aug 1, 2018

Investing in a More Inclusive Community

Northwest Arkansas, like most of America, is changing. Driven by economic growth and a low cost of living, our region attracts a diverse group of newcomers. Some from the Marshall Islands, some from Mexico, and others from around the United States. They come to work hard and make a better life for themselves. However, their can-do attitude sometimes needs a little help to overcome the cultural and language barriers that can isolate us.


Nate Kelly with Tom Hayes
Jess Hines - July 26, 2018

Tyson Foods Summer Intern Experience

Our summer intern Nate Kelly had just finished his final presentation when I plucked him from his desk for an interview. Nate is a senior Agriculture and Consumer Economics major at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign who is spending his summer interning for our Sales Strategy and Planning team in the Tyson Foods Chicago office. Nate was happy to sit down and chat about his experience, and just in time for #NationalInternDay!



Tyson Foods at Bite NWA Culinary Festival
Jess Hines - June 29, 2018

Tyson Showcases Culinary Innovation at BITE NW Arkansas

Watch out Los Angeles Food and Wine Festival. Move over Maine Lobster Fest. Take a knee, Taste of Chicago. Northwest Arkansas is here to take a BITE out of the foodie and culinary festival culture.

Last week Bentonville, Arkansas hosted its fourth annual BITE NW Arkansas food and drink culinary festival. Hailed as the region’s premiere foodie experience, BITE invites locals to taste, sip, sample and discover the best of the culinary community in Northwest Arkansas. The event showcases more than 60 restaurants and breweries and draws a crowd of nearly 7,000 hungry attendees, briefly turning Northwest Arkansas into a hotbed of culinary innovation.


Grilling with Tom Hayes and Spark Program
Jess Hines - June 21, 2018

Kicking off Grilling Season with the Chicago Spark Program

Last week, we kicked off grilling season on the beautiful rooftop deck at our Chicago office, complete with hot dogs, cornhole and beautiful weather.

We were joined by several special guests, including our CEO Tom Hayes, talented Tyson Senior Chef Kang Kuan, and the VP of Marketing for Mike’s Hard Lemonade, Sanjiv Gajiwala.  But perhaps more notably, we were joined by a group of 7th graders from Frazier International Magnet School, an affiliate of the Chicago Spark Program.


Blockchain Blog Post
Tom Mastrobuoni - Jun 14, 2018

Blockchain-ing Our Way to a Stronger Supply Chain

Blockchain is all the buzz these days. Sectors across finance, healthcare, media, government, and food, in the U.S. and around the world, are looking at how they can leverage blockchain for everything from medical record security to financial transactions and more. Blockchain is said to be the great democratizer and equalizer. Some liken it to the emergence of the internet where it can open seemingly infinite possibilities for change and improvement.


Yappah Carousel Blog Post
Rizal Hamdallah - May 31, 2018

We’re Rethinking Snacks. For Good.

The statistics behind wasted food are overwhelming. Did you know that nearly one-third of all food used in food production globally ends up as waste? The average person wastes 3.5 pounds of food per week and uneaten food equates to Americans throwing out as much as $218 billion each year, which can end up rotting in landfills emitting greenhouse gases.
As the largest U.S. food company, it’s not only incumbent on us to care, it’s on us to do something about it. Our purpose -- to raise the world’s expectations for how much food can do -- is nothing if we don’t act.


Memorial Day Stewart F. Glendinning Blog Post
Stewart F. Glendinning - May 28, 2018

What I Learned in the Navy

As an immigrant to the U.S., I will always be grateful for the opportunities this country has given me. One of them was the chance to serve in the U.S. Naval Reserve.

I got there in a roundabout way.

When I was a kid growing up in South Africa, I loved diving. My dad was a commercial diver, and I went diving every chance I got. When I was a college freshman in Virginia, I met a U.S. Navy recruiter who told me I could make money for college (which I sorely needed) and have a chance to go to Navy dive school. I literally dove at the chance.


Bring on Grilling Season Tom Hayes Blog Post
Tom Hayes - May 24, 2018

Bring on Grilling Season!

It’s the time of year for making memories – and hot dogs, too.

Most of my favorite memories are from the outdoors, around the grill. One that sticks out is a family reunion in Westford, Massachusetts when I was a kid. I remember the not one – not two – but three hot dogs I ate. I also remember running around the yard with my cousins, though I can’t remember exactly what game we were playing. Maybe it was Tag? Or Capture the Flag?

Miles Jones Elementary Blog
Debra Vernon - May 21, 2018

Business for Good

Our purpose is to raise the world’s expectations for how much good food can do. Today, our purpose is coming to life in exciting ways through investments we are making in social enterprise initiatives -- philanthropic investments that create shared value for society and our company.

These initiatives are aimed at using our strength as a modern food company with the size and scale to impact change to help sustainably solve social issues such as food insecurity, while improving communities and making a positive impact on people’s lives.

Mothers Day Sally Grimes Blog Post

Thank you, mom!

My mom is on my mind often, not just on Mother’s Day. And I know I’m not the only one who feels that way.

My mom shaped my life in many ways, some she likely didn’t realize.

In fact, one of the biggest influences she had on my life was completely unintentional. My mom wasn’t only from another generation; she was from another culture. She came to the U.S. from India in the 1960s and had an arranged marriage to my dad. They met the day before their wedding day…

Farmers Bill of Rights
Doug Ramsey - May 3, 2018

We’re Committed to Enhancing Communications with Poultry Farmers

As part of our journey to continually live our purpose, we’re launching several initiatives aimed at enhancing communications and transparency with the thousands of independent farmers who grow chickens for our company.

Yesterday we mailed every farmer a copy of the Contract Poultry Farmers’ Bill of Rights along with a note explaining that we’re developing an advisory council made up of farmers and we’ll be investing in new communications technology with our growers in mind.

One Egg Sustainable Egg Farm
Debra Vernon - APR 26, 2018

Working for the Greater Good

Tyson Foods’ purpose starts with sustainably feeding the world, and doing this calls us all to be a force for good. Sustainability is all about collaborating for the good of the next generation. We are using our resources, expertise and talent to solve social and environmental problems – not only increasing revenues and lowering expenses, but also making the world a better place.

Tyson Foods’ commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR) enables us to be a good employer for our team members, an engaged neighbor within our communities and a valuable partner to our stakeholders. With approximately 122,000 team members in 112 plants in 29 states across the country, we have a profound influence on the communities where we operate.  

Upward Academy and Team Members
Kevin Scherer - Apr 19, 2018

Creating Employee Education with Upward Academy

When I first joined Tyson Foods as a part-time chaplain in our Berry Street and Randall Wobbe Lane plants in Springdale, Arkansas, a little over three years ago, I had only a basic idea of the challenges our team members face. At Berry Street, our workforce is almost exclusively Hispanic/Latino and Marshallese. Very few of the team members speak English, and much of the day-to-day communication is done through interpreters.

It turns out this is a pretty common scenario in many of our plants across the country, where nearly 30 different languages are spoken regularly.

Our Commitment to Animal Care
Karen Christensen - Apr 12, 2018

Our Commitment to Animal Care

I joined Tyson Foods six months ago as senior director of the Office of Animal Well-Being, a department dedicated exclusively to animal welfare and comprised of dozens of people like me who care deeply and work diligently to ensure we act responsibly about their care and treatment. Prior to joining Tyson, I was an associate professor in poultry at the University of Arkansas. In fact, my entire 30-year career has been committed to animal care.

The decision to go back to an industry position after a great experience in academia was a daunting one; however, the opportunity to impact the well-being of the farm animals raised by this company was too important to turn down. 

Steve Stouffer and United Food and Commercial Workers International Union
Steve Stouffer - Apr 6, 2018

Our 30-Year Collaboration with the UFCW

As the President of Tyson Fresh Meats, I’m excited to celebrate a 30 year journey of growing collaboration between Tyson Foods and the UFCW. Together, we’ve worked hard to make a positive impact in our team member’s lives by putting our team members health and safety first and I am pleased to let you know we have made real, measurable progress in that time, particularly over the last 5 years. 
Our plants are the foundation of our company and our communities– this is where the work gets done every day to make our business a success. The most important part of any of our plants is the Tyson team members. And to be successful, we need to make sure our team members have the resources and support they need to do their jobs well and to do them in a safe manner.  It is our team members who are dedicated to helping Tyson maintain its leadership in the protein industry.

Sustainability Acres of Land
Justin Whitmore - Apr 3, 2018

Sustainability: The Road Ahead

It’s Earth Month and to celebrate, we’re reflecting on the progress we’ve made, the challenges we’ve faced and the road ahead. Throughout the month we’ll offer opportunities to hear directly from our leaders in animal well-being, the environment, workplace safety, hunger relief and more. Part of being a company committed to sustainability is being a company that also cares about transparency.

Sally Grimes International Womens Day

A Little Wisdom for the Most Important Woman in My Life

This International Women’s Day, there’s reason to be optimistic.

Looking around the world – I see women of all ages standing up for what they believe in and speaking their minds on what’s important to them.  They’re making a difference, opening the door to conversations that were once shunned.

Looking around the executive conference room – I see a Tyson Foods leadership team more diverse than it was just a year ago, including three women in top positions, guiding the future of America’s largest food company.  Our consumer empathy is stronger today because of our unique perspectives.

CAGNY Dinner Around the Table
Sally Grimes - Feb 20, 2018

What Makes Me Confident in Our Future

Today, we presented at the annual Consumer Analyst Group of New York Conference, otherwise known as CAGNY. We’re hitting our stride as a modern food company, and we took the opportunity to share that story with analysts and investors who cover the food industry.

Simply put: The demand for protein is growing, and we’re evolving alongside consumers to feed them what they want to eat. During our presentation, we unveiled our latest innovations – and we’re not stopping there.

We're Investing in Our People
Tom Hayes - Feb 8, 2018

We’re Investing in Our People

Yesterday, I shared with the team our plans for investing our tax savings, including our plan to provide one-time bonuses to frontline workers whose compensation does not include an annual bonus. These employees are the backbone of our business and we’re happy to show them our appreciation. 

Alternative Proteins
Tom Hayes - Jan 29, 2018

Why We Are Investing in Alternative Proteins

At first, it might seem counterintuitive. Admittedly, it seemed counterintuitive to some inside our company too. We know what comes to mind when people think of Tyson Foods – and that’s chicken. But in truth, we’re about chicken and so much more. We’re about sausage and pepperoni. Scrambled eggs and convenience snacks. Deli turkey and beef jerky. And now, through our venture capital fund, cultured meats and plant-based proteins.